Things To Do

Jungle Tours
We’ve operated as a tour company for years, and we can show you all the different sites of interest on the island. If you like the outdoors, Seawind Cottages is the right place for you!
* Be adventurous and join our ‘Jungle Tour’ to the rainforest. We’ll take you in an open top Landrover jeep to the interior of the island. Hike to a secluded waterfall and have a refreshing bath. For details, be sure to visit our Jungle Tours website.

Horseback Riding
See St. Lucia`s rugged coastal beauty on a horseback ride around Cas-en-Bas, Donkey Beach & Cactus Valley or let us take you on a romantic full moon ride to the beach. We love animals and we keep our own horses.

Beach & Sea
How about a day of fun on the water? Cas-en-Bas is perfect for beginning or experienced Windsurfers. Or perhaps you’d like to try Kitesurfing!
For a nice quiet day, how about a walk along the Scenic North East Coast to Secret Beach, Donkey Beach and Anse Lavoutte?
Up for some fishing? You could catch your own dinner! Let’s organize some rock-fishing on the nearby Atlantic coast or a deep-sea fishing trip for you. If you want we can even prepare your ‘Catch of the Day’ for you.

Other Tours
All other sightseeing tours like heritage tours, mountain biking, trips to the sulphur springs or charming old plantations can be arranged through us and we offer reduced rates on many activities. We are also member of the St. Lucia National Trust and you can join us for field trips to nature reserve areas or archaeological sites. Visit art and crafts galleries to view and perhaps take home a piece of St. Lucian art.
You can enjoy real Creole hospitality & local atmosphere by joining us for our weekly local BBQ. We prepare food on the traditional coalpot and claypot, the jaba.

Staying In
Of course the tranquil and spacious surroundings of Seawind Cottages also invite you just to stay on the premises and to relax with a good book. Browse through our small library ( you will find a large variety of mystery books and books about the history and the nature of the islands).